by Liviana Popa.

(via thewarroom)

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Screenshots from the latest Person of Interest Episode [S03E17]

I just got two screenshots for this episode because I missed the start and I got little confused…

And the reason I did these two screenshots is because they are just too beautiful animation.

Although the numbers on the probability of death is TERRIFYING OMFG YOU DARE KILL ANY OF THEM…

This show keeps getting better and better. From Tuesday’s episode we get a clear glimpse of what the Season 3 endgame will be - Samaritan coming online, The Machine trying to co-exist and the privacy war related to them.

Maybe that’s exactly what it is. Modern-era of whats to come… Or its already happening? #EdwardSnowden

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Griotte is back, but doing Person of Interest again. (Had three of her old PoI books that I sold for a song because I have no interest and it was an accidental pick-up.)

But Griotte does her stories with such style, one can’t help but be a bit of a fan of PoI.

No news on whether she’ll ever get Back to Sherlock.

Not for sale.

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